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What Is NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

NUCCA is a little known yet highly effective corrective procedure that has been developed and refined since 1966 by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) and its research affiliate the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF). If you would like to learn more about current research being conducted in the field of NUCCA care, you can also visit The Upper Cervical Monograph for the latest articles about and advancing the NUCCA method.

The NUCCA chiropractic method is a gentle and safe form of chiropractic care, with a focus on long-lasting results. The procedure focuses on decompressing the brainstem and spinal cord and balancing the entire spine back to balance under gravity. In this unstressed position, the communication between the brain and body via the nervous system is more efficient, and the body’s nature self-healing process can begin.


The NUCCA Correction is a gentle adjustment that is based off of 3 dimensional measurements of your head and neck. As a result of these precise measurements, your adjustment requires a very minimal amount of force but is effective at restoring your postural balance and reducing your pain. People that have experienced our care are usually shocked at how such a gentle care can be so effective.


Most patients in our office comment on how they love that they can visually see the changes to their posture and muscles after care. On each visit, a patient is measured posturally to determine whether or not an adjustment is needed. Frequently, patients hold their alignment for extended periods of time.


The goal of the NUCCA correction is to get patients to hold their alignment. The adjustment just facilitates getting the patient to the right location but the healing occurs the longer the patient stays in the right position. After the initial period of care, our goal is to see people only occasionally to ensure that they haven’t lost their alignment from the stresses of daily life such as falls, accidents, traumas or stress.


The majority of patients that come to see us for headaches, neck pain, back pain and postural correction report improvement in symptomatology at the end of their initial period of care (7-9 visits). This reduces the amount of time they have to spend in the office and increases the amount of time they spend feeling better.

The NUCCA Difference

The NUCCA spinal correction is a scientifically-based, thoroughly researched and well-documented approach to health. (For publications and NUCCA research click here.) NUCCA is one of only a few procedures that use:

  • 3D composite x-rays to calculate how to best adjust and correct each patient’s individual misalignment.
  • A Gravity Stress Analyzer to measure body imbalances.
  •  Post-adjustment x-rays to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the correction.
  • NUCCA is gentle and specific. Not only is the NUCCA spinal correction extremely precise, it uses very little force and many patients are unaware the correction has even taken place.
  • NUCCA is highly effective. Click here to hear from patients about their results with NUCCA.
  •  Because of the precise nature of the NUCCA spinal correction, patients are able hold their corrections for longer periods of time compared to traditional chiropractic methods. This allows for better recovery and lasting results with fewer adjustments.
  • Image Guided Treatment: The NUCCA method utilizes x-ray calculations that are tailored to each and every individual patient based on their own personal anatomy and also based on the cumulation of traumas the individual has sustained over their lifetime.

We let you know what is happening in every step of the process

As part of the NUCCA Chiropractic Care we offer, we will engage you in the process of your care from day one, and will keep you informed of what to expect throughout your time at our office. You will likely be taken aback by the gentle adjustment you will receive. 

Many wonder how such a gentle contact can produce any form of change. We will discuss all of this with you in detail. Once you are adjusted and your posture shifts and exhibits change (generally this occurs immediately to a varying extent), we will take a second set of digital films to confirm the change the analysis would have us anticipate.
A recommended care plan will be given to you during your second visit.

Follow up visits

Follow-up visits will generally take 5- 10 minutes in which time your alignment will be assessed and you will be adjusted. We recommend that you rest in our relaxation room to allow the adjustment to settle in before returning to the outside stressors we call “life”.

After approximately ten visits, a re-assessment will be performed with a follow-up surface EMG, and re-evaluation of what the next course of care will require. It is realistic to expect a year of care to see the most sustainable change. The largest investment of time will be during the initial phase of care. As your body becomes more stable it will begin to “remember” where your alignment should be (versus where it has been for what could be years), you will be able to hold alignment for longer periods of time between adjustments.
As a wellness centre, we acknowledge the many facets of life that influence our health. We will do our best to offer the most optimal products, information and referrals to help guide you towards a worry free, healthy lifestyle.

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