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Dr. Sloane M. Hunter, BPE, DC

Dr. Hunter has been offering NUCCA spinal care to the city of Calgary since 2003 after she graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She became fully trained in the NUCCA spinal evaluation and corrective procedures before graduating Magna Cum Laude and earning a membership in an International Chiropractic Honor Society, Pi Tau Delta. Prior to joining Align Health & Wellness in 2011, she practiced for eight years at the Britannia Clinic with her mentor, Dr. Gordon Hasick. Earlier to her Chiropractic career, Dr. Hunter earned a Bachelors of Physical Education & Recreation (Kinesiology) at the University of Alberta in 1998 where her studies centered on Active Living, Health and Well-being for the older adult.

Currently, she maintains membership with the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) and serves as board member on the Ralph R Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada), which supports the Research, Education, Endowment and Public Awareness of the NUCCA procedure in Canada. In additional to regularly attending post-graduate conferences and seminars to broaden her professional knowledge of NUCCA and other chiropractic subjects, she also remains involved in the challenging NUCCA board-certification program of which she holds Part 2 Certification in a three-part process.

Find more information about Dr. Hunter on her personal website at https://hunterspinalcare.com/

Dr. Jean-Paul Bohemier, DC, DCCJP

Dr. Jean-Paul Bohemier graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006. Since then he has focused his practice on learning more about the function of the upper cervical spine in people’s health.

Dr Bohemier has completed a 3 year post graduate diplomate in the cranio-cervical junction from the International Chiropractic Association, is part 2 certified in the NUCCA Technique and is full body certified in Active Release Technique TM.

Dr. Bohemier speaks at companies and in educational forums to help teach people the importance of the head and neck in their health with an emphasis on helping people with migraine headaches, complicated neck problems and reflexive postural distortion. He is motivated by the results he saw personally from NUCCA care with his headaches and hopes that he can help more people who are suffering find a solution.

Find more information about Dr. Bohemier on his personal website at https://drbohemier.com/

Dr. Cody Gordon, DC

Dr. Gordon began his undergraduate education at Mount Royal College in the field of kinesiology, an interest in health and mechanics of the human body attracted him to the study of Chiropractic. While studying at Palmer College, Dr. Gordon became fully trained in the N.U.C.C.A. procedure, and since then has continued with post-graduate seminars and lectures on the procedure. While studying at Palmer College Dr. Gordon achieved a position on the Dean’s list as well as successfully passing all Canadian and American national board examinations required for licensure as a doctor of chiropractic.

In addition to his Chiropractic studies Dr. Gordon has been a long time athlete and student of nutrition. First competing as an amateur boxer in the early 90’s then shifting his interests to endurance sport, Dr. Gordon now participates in road biking, marathon running and triathlons/duathalons. To this day, Dr. Gordon continues to include exercise and nutrition as building blocks to a healthy lifestyle.

Find more information about Dr. Gordon on his personal website at https://www.alignhealthandwellness.com/

Dr. Mitch Wegmann, R.Ac DTCM

Always grateful and enlivened with his career, Dr. Wegmann finds purpose in the opportunity to support people's health through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Choosing a life path, and one with true purpose is a challenge for all. Dr. Wegmann was fortunate to discover his passion for Chinese medicine only after a series of life events opened his eyes to a new paradigm of health and wellness.

Initially, he watched his sister suffer through chronic and debilitating back pain and multiple surgeries that provided no relief. Then he met a wonderful chiropractor who educated him on the true innate healing abilities of the body and mind. Finally, he was able to overcome his own anxiety and insomnia issues with the help of acupuncture. This final experience with acupuncture was so profound (not to mention, extremely intriguing), that Dr. Wegmann knew this healing art would now be a main focus on his life path.

After finishing his Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from Central College in Pella, Iowa, Dr. Wegmann went on to complete a four-year doctoral program at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His education took him to Jinan, China where he completed an intensive clinical internship at a teaching hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Wegmann owns and operates Calgary Acupuncture Centre in Calgary, Alberta. His practice is dedicated to helping others achieve more balance and freedom in life through the use of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Wegmann's passion is working with patients to help them overcome physical and emotional challenges and rediscover joy and ease in life. His growing practice is balanced with quality time at home and outdoors with his wife and three sons.

Learn more about Dr. Wegmann at his personal website at https://www.calgaryacupuncturecentre.com/

Dr. Kendra Heck, R.Ac

A Registered Acupuncturist with over 10 years of clinical experience, Kendra is constantly adding to her “toolbox” with a special interest in mental health, women’s health and spiritual journeying.

Kendra‘s interest in life’s intricate connections first led her to a degree in Environmental and Conservation Science at the University of Alberta followed by a transition into the healing arts. While living in Japan, Kendra began her training in Qigong, Shiatsu and Tui Na massage, Japanese acupuncture as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kendra completed her studies in Canada at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she later became an instructor.

Kendra practices meditation and uses the fibre arts to bring together her love of nature, colour and storytelling. She enjoys sipping coffee, campfires, treehouses and spending time outdoors with her family.

Colin Merritt, RMT

Hi, I'm Colin. I am very grateful to be a part of the great team of therapists at Vibe Health and Spine. NUCCA and Upper-Cervical Chiropractic is not new to me as I have known Dr. Sloane Hunter for over 15 years as my own chiropractor and have worked collaboratively with this form of care for two decades in my professional practice of massage.

Massage Therapy treatments are a blend of my years of experience and the different courses I have taken over the past 27+ years. I have studied Craniosacral Therapy, myofascial and neuromuscular techniques as well as Orthobionomy, a gentle technique based on Osteopathy. I am also very interested in the energy aspect of the body and have studied Healing Touch (TM) as an added benefit to support a person's healing potential. Outside of Massage, music is an important part of my life. I have studied the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) for 6 years, which my cats do not approve of. Cats do approve of a good massage though! I look forward to meeting you and help be a part of your healing journey.

Maddie Colton, RMT, CAT(C), BKin

We are pleased to welcome Maddie to the Vibe team! She is a Registered Massage Therapist with the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA), specializing in orthopaedic assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. When not at Vibe Health & Spine, Maddie is also a Certified Athletic Therapist within the Calgary community. She also draws knowledge of the human frame and biomechanics from her Bachelor of Kinesiology from McMaster University in Ontario.

Originally from Ontario, she has previously worked with teams and athletes of all different levels, most notably Maddie recently completed her second season as an Athletic Therapist with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As a Massage Therapist, Maddie enjoys goal setting with her patients to return back to activities of daily living, sport, and focusing on the cause of the condition.

Outside of work, you can find Maddie skiing and hiking in and around Banff National Park. When not exploring the outdoors, Maddie is an avid baker who enjoys trying new recipes.

Verna Besselink, HTP/I

Verna has been developing skills in Energy Medicine for over 25 years. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor with the Healing Touch Program which is endorsed by the Canadian/America Holistic Nurses Association and Accreditations Center. Verna loves to treat and teach from both the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy medicine. She works to help patients understand the energy systems of the body of how one can use this to support healing.

Janice Hayward

Patient Care Manager and Lead Receptionist

Janice comes with 8+ years of clinic experience working first as office administrator and receptionist with Drs. Cody Gordon & Sloane Hunter at Align Health & Wellness and then when Vibe opened it’s doors in 2020. She is dedicated, knowledgable and reliable to the daily operations and practices of our clinic.

To enhance her own well-being outside of the clinic, she enjoys meditation in nature, creative expression and lots of time with her cat. Her happy place is in the dirt where she can plant things that bloom.

Dagmewit (Dag) Negash

Patient Care Coordinator & Front desk

Dag joined us in 2021 during the final stages of her Medical Office Administration Diploma at Sundance College. She is the perfect "left hand" to Janices' "right hand". She has a gentle kindness and attends to her role with maturity and respect for the clinic and each patient. We are grateful to have her youthful energy and laughter added to our team. She loves to swim and spend time with her family.

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