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cervicogenic headaches, migraines relief in Calgary

How many times have you canceled plans or missed out on activities because of your migraines? Do you struggle to concentrate at work or school because of your migraines? Do you have to take frequent breaks or leave early from work or school because of the relentless pain you'd have to deal with? Did you stop going out with friends because of sudden migraine attacks that seem to control your life? Do you feel frustrated, isolated, and misunderstood because of what you're going through? Does your pain extend beyond the usual headache? Where should you go to find the best place to get migraines relief in Calgary? 

Many of you have experienced the agony of a headache at some point, often attributing it to stress or a typical migraine. But did you know that some headaches might have nothing to do with your head? Cervicogenic headaches are often a misunderstood form of head pain. So, how do you know if your headache originates from a neck issue? Below are some things that can help.


Cervicogenic Headache Explained

A cervicogenic headache is not your usual head throb but a neck problem that triggers head pain. Experts call this "referred pain," where you feel pain in a different part of your body than its source. Here's what you need to know:

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  1. Common causes

Cervicogenic headaches are often triggered by neck injuries, which can include whiplash, arthritis in the neck, neck fractures, pinched nerves, slipped disks, or strained neck muscles. These neck-related issues can send pain signals to your head, resulting in a cervicogenic headache.

  1. Common symptoms

One of the hallmarks of a cervicogenic headache is its unique presentation. Unlike other headaches, these often afflict one side of your head. They typically originate at the base of your skull and radiate up one side. Additionally, these headaches have a direct relationship with limited neck and head mobility. Notably, moving the neck may intensify the pain among people with cervicogenic headaches.

  1. Desk workers are at risk

Surprisingly, it's not always a traumatic injury that can trigger these headaches. Prolonged hours spent working at a desk with poor ergonomics can also lead to cervicogenic headaches. Slouching or straining due to improper posture can put your neck in a compromised position, setting the stage for head pain.

To prevent this, focus on maintaining proper ergonomics in your workspace. Keep your back and neck straight, and avoid bending forward for extended periods.

cervicogenic headaches, migraines relief in Calgary

Finding migraines relief in Calgary with Upper Cervical Care

Cervicogenic headaches often arise from issues in the neck, such as injuries or poor posture, which can gradually lead to misalignment of the Upper Cervical spine or the atlas and axis bones. This misalignment can cause structural imbalances, leading to tension, nerve irritation, and restricted blood flow to the brain. These physiological disruptions can trigger migraine-like symptoms, including severe headaches, nausea that may lead to vomiting, and increased sensitivity to lights and sounds.

Upper Cervical Care is designed to identify and correct these neck bone misalignments through precise chiropractic adjustments. Realigning the displaced atlas and axis bones restores proper nerve function and blood flow, alleviating the symptoms triggered by cervicogenic headaches. This can provide significant relief and offers a holistic approach to preventing future headache episodes, allowing you to regain control of your life and unlock renewed health.

If you are suffering from cervicogenic headaches or if you are experiencing migraine-like symptoms, Upper Cervical Care may be a helpful option for you. To learn more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic and how it can help, please book a visit to our office. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you find lasting relief.


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