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If you have frequent migraines, then it is likely that sensory sensitivities are your nemesis. These sensitivities include light sensitivity, odor sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and other conditions that can cause your migraine to worsen. Suppose you are experiencing one or all of these sensitivities frequently. In that case, you might find it helpful to figure out your actual sensitivities to find the best Calgary migraine relief for your specific needs. 

We will be delving into those sensitivities to help you better understand your condition and the most recommended Calgary migraine relief form you can try.


How Does Migraine Affect A Person?

If you or a friend suffers from migraines, it's essential to understand how the condition can affect your life. That's because migraines are not just headaches. They are spontaneous and can be quite debilitating that they can cause you to miss work, school, or important events. The attacks might also prevent you from performing simple tasks. 

Before we jump to its sensitivities, let's have a refresher on migraines first. So, what is a migraine? It is a neurological disorder characterized by recurring headaches and other symptoms that affect people of all ages, including children. 

It is widespread, but not many know what to do with it. While some with migraines have only one attack per month, others experience multiple attacks daily. When this happens, it means the condition has progressed to a chronic one. 

Chronic means something lasts for a long time without ending or improving on its own. Doctors often use “chronic” to describe health concerns that linger for an extended period – usually several months.


Triggers, Causes, and Symptoms

Migraines are a kind of headache that affects your brain. They can get triggered by many things like:

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Certain food and beverages
  • Allergies
  • Hormone changes

Symptoms of migraines vary from one person to another but usually manifest through the following:

  • Throbbing pain on one side of the head (which may spread to other areas)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, or smell 

Fortunately, there are many possible ways to manage migraines with medication, lifestyle changes like avoiding triggers, or alternative care plans. All these are available Calgary migraine relief forms that can help you redefine how to approach your episodes.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

What Does Migraine Sensitivities Mean?

Migraine sensitivities are the reasons why you might be more likely to experience migraine pain or other symptoms. These sensitivities may be related to triggers or part of your genetic makeup. There are three significant kinds of migraine sensitivities:

Light sensitivity

Light sensitivity is a common migraine symptom. It can stem from an increased sensitivity of the eyes, brain and the rest of the nervous system to light. 

Migraine sufferers with light sensitivities often describe it as feeling "blinded" or "like someone has put on sunglasses in front of the eyes". When this happens, you'll likely experience pain and discomfort in your head immediately after exposure to bright lights.

Odor sensitivity

You may experience a migraine or a severe headache when you smell something. The smell can be an environmental odor, such as perfume or paint thinner, or the scent of food cooking in your kitchen. You might also have bursts of pain when smelling certain things. 

If you are sensitive to smells during the onset of your migraine attack, avoid using scented products like laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets for several hours before bedtime. Likewise, keep fresh flowers out of the bedroom or away from where you sleep. 

If possible, keep all scented products out of the house during a migraine episode. Alternatively, you can try putting the products in another room altogether! This includes air fresheners on plug-ins which could end up smelling stronger than intended; those are best left unused during these times unless it helps distract from other smells that you are more sensitive to.

Sound sensitivity

A lot of factors can cause sensitivity to sound. In addition, the length of exposure to the noise and its loudness can also cause a migraine attack. This can get triggered by any noise you are not accustomed to hearing regularly. For example, if you are in a new place or situation with loud music playing all around you, this may result in an episode of migraine sensitivity. 

If you experience migraines and have noticed that they seem to occur more often when there is noise around you, please consult your doctor about taking preventive measures so that these episodes do not occur as frequently or severely.


Most Recommended Option for Calgary Migraine Relief

When it comes to migraine relief, upper cervical chiropractic care is the best form of relief. Because upper cervical chiropractic care is a safe, holistic, natural, and effective way to manage your migraine sensitivities, whether light, odor, or sound. It is also the most popular amongst residents of Calgary and its surrounding cities.

Vibe Health is a chiropractic clinic in Calgary, Alberta, that provides excellent upper cervical chiropractic care. Many people come here for help, especially those who experience recurring migraine attacks. Visit Vibe Health today – even just to assess your C1 and C2 bones! This way, you can determine if you have postural imbalances and if you should start receiving upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. 

You can reach us at 403 266 2283 by phone, email, or through our online form if you wish to schedule your appointment with an upper cervical chiropractic doctor.


To schedule a consultation with Vibe Health and Spine, call our Calgary office at 587-803-3354. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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