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Vertigo is that feeling that the world is rapidly spinning. If that is not enough, the movement is erratic and uncontrollable. Some people compare the sensation as similar to being dizzy. In Calgary upper cervical chiropractors help distinguish between vertigo and dizziness.

A lot of people use them interchangeably. In most cases, this is acceptable. However, if you really want to know if they differ at all, then the answer is yes. What sets vertigo different from regular dizziness is that the spinning sensation always accompanies it.

A dizzy person might complain of being off-balanced. Someone who has vertigo feels that his surroundings are unsteadily spinning. Finding out which one you are experiencing will help you find the relief you need.


Vertigo and Our Vestibular System

Have you ever wondered how the body maintains its equilibrium? If you have not, that is all right. The thing with balance is that it is something we expect to happen naturally. Shifting from one position to the other without any issues is as expected as breathing. We do not give it any second thought.  

When we feel that something is not correctly balanced, we try to shake it off. An example is feeling a bit dizzy when we suddenly get up when missing our alarm clocks. We move on with our day once we regain the sense that everything is all right. However, when things do not go back to normal or when we feel like we are like clothes in a spin dryer, the feeling of dread starts to set in.

Vertigo is not a medical condition. However, it can be debilitating. It can stop anyone. According to Calgary upper cervical chiropractors, understanding what controls our body's balance will definitely help us deal with vertigo.

The vestibular system takes care of managing information transmitted to the brain about our movements, current position and alignment, and orientation to our surroundings. Like the other systems in our body, data is processed rapidly, and we are not even aware of how and when they happen. What is critical is that the messages are transmitted and interpreted correctly.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Vestibular Disorders

When the vestibular system malfunctions, it can lead to:

  • Peripheral vertigo, which likely started from the inner ear. It can be triggered by:
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

While the term itself is quite lengthy, the actual vertigo episode can be brief. However, the pain level can range from mild to excruciating. A known cause of BPPV is the sudden movement of a person's head. If you have been on a multi-loop roller coaster ride, you might have noticed or even experienced your head moving from side to side. At the end of the ride, it is likely you felt dizzy or nauseous. This is likely BPPV, and a person who is fond of thrill rides may be highly susceptible to this condition.

  • Meniere's disease

This happens as a result of pressure in the inner ears. A person's inner ear has soft cartilaginous discs, gel-like substances, and fluid levels that must be kept in an optimal state. When the flow of the fluids is disrupted or if there is a build-up, the resulting pressure leads to vertigo. A good indicator is the discomfort is usually on one side of the head only.

  • Vestibular neuritis

This is the swelling of the vestibular nerve, which is tasked with delivering messages to the brain. This condition may distort the information transmitted and can thus affect the brain's interpretation.

  • Central vertigo signals issues coming from the brain or even its brainstem, the rear part of the brain that is linked to the spinal cord. It can be due to:
  • Injury to the head

Head trauma due to accidents or contact sports can cause vertigo.

  • Vestibular Migraine

This is a problem with a person's nervous system that results in repetitive instances of vertigo in people diagnosed with migraines.

  • Strokes

Patients often mention experiencing vertigo before their stroke happened.

One thing to remember is that there are instances when the brain receives incorrect signals. It happens. However, most often than not, it can correct them immediately without any adverse effects. A different outcome occurs in the case of a vestibular disorder, though. The brain may not be able to process and correct wrong messages as quickly as it normally does. In some cases, it might not even catch and redress the mistakes. When this happens, vertigo sets in.


Calgary Upper Cervical Chiropractors Provide Vertigo Care

At Vibe Health & Spine in Calgary upper cervical chiropractors have helped patients uncover that chiropractic care may provide vertigo relief. As we all know, the cervical spine or the neck is the key link that joins the body and the head. Although this sounds simple enough, the actual structure is complex.

The neck has seven vertebrae. It has discs inserted between each disc that provides padding to protect the bones from friction. Trauma, medical conditions, or age might contribute to a misalignment.

The Vibe Health & Spine team can complete evaluations to determine if there is an upper cervical misalignment. In such cases, we will evaluate if the peripheral or central vertigo might be caused or aggravated by it. Once all the evaluations are done, our team works with you in deciding if upper cervical chiropractic care may ease your vertigo. The team then takes on a gentle, holistic approach that prepares the body for realignment and, possibly, sustainable recovery.
Come and schedule an appointment with one of our Calgary upper cervical chiropractors. We are looking forward to finding out if we may help you find a way to experience relief from vertigo.


To schedule a consultation with Vibe Health and Spine, call our Calgary office at 587-803-3354. You can also click the button below.

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