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Pain in your lower back can make any waking moment completely unbearable. We can't imagine how anyone can start their morning routine with pain wherein getting out of bed suddenly becomes an impossible task. Yet, this is precisely what drives many patients to seek low back pain relief in Calgary.

If you've experienced this radiating pain that starts in your lower back and stretches down to the back of your legs, you might want to visit a doctor and get checked for a condition called sciatica.

Sciatica is a devastating condition affecting millions all over the world. It usually stems from a pinched sciatic nerve, but its symptoms depend entirely on the pinching location. So, if you have this condition, you need to watch out for the following signs:

  • Numbness or tingling sensation in the affected region
  • Uncontrollable muscle spasms
  • Pain in the affected region
  • Pain and discomfort extending to the feet
  • Chronic aches throughout the sciatic region
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor bladder or bowel control

Those who wish for low back pain relief in Calgary complain about how sciatica takes the fun out of their lives. Of course, when you find getting out of bed difficult, you won’t have enough energy to go out and socialize with those you love. Similarly, you cannot perform well at work when all you can think about is the pain in your lower back.


Possible Causes of Sciatica

As mentioned above, sciatica can be a result of a pinched sciatic nerve. Now, there are many reasons for a pinched nerve in the sciatic region. Some of these causes may take you by surprise:

  • Disc herniation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Trauma to the spine
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Sitting on your wallet
  • Bad posture

Come to think of it: your lower back pain might also be a result of how you sleep at night. So perhaps, correcting your sleeping posture can help reduce the intensity of your lower back pain. That said, let’s find out the best sleeping position if you have sciatica.

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How to Sleep to Reduce Sciatica

Persistent back pain can make anyone suffer from sleeping problems. For one, many individuals with sciatica also develop insomnia due to their chronic low back pain.

Of course, combining lack of sleep and back pain can lead to an endlessly frustrating cycle. And one solution that you can try to prevent this unfortunate pattern of pain and disappointment is to find out the best sleeping position for your spine.

You might think that this is an impossible task, so we did our research to discover the best position for you. Believe it or not, sleeping in this position can help you finally experience a whole night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. So, you’ll wake up fresh and ready to conquer your day.


WORST: Sleeping on Your Belly

Many people find that sleeping on their stomachs is best. Unfortunately, while it does have some benefits when it comes to snoring or sleep apnea, you’ll only reap disadvantages for your spine.

The spine has a specific natural curvature that allows the blood and signals to pass to the brain and back. However, when you sleep on your belly, you disrupt this natural position, leading to poor circulation and transmission of signals. 

Also, people who sleep in this position likely turn their necks to one side the entire night. Keeping your neck twisted to one side for an extended period can put a strain not only on its actual region but also on other areas of the spine. Hence, if you sleep on your belly for an entire night, you will feel neck pain and lower back pain.


GOOD: Sleeping on Your Side

While sleeping on your side is less damaging than sleeping on your belly, it still affects the normal curvature of your spine. Try to visualize how your body looks when sleeping in this position. One of your legs will rest on top of the other or the mattress. Side-sleepers who look for low back pain relief in Calgary are often surprised that this sleeping position can also irritate the sciatic nerve.

However, if this is the only way you want to sleep, you can try some sleeping adjustments to make this sleeping position better for your spine. Here are the things you should do as a side-sleeper:

  • Place a pillow or two between your knees when sleeping.
  • Rest your head on a firm pillow.


BEST: Sleeping on Your Back

Many people think that sleeping on their backs is uncomfortable. And though it may seem peculiar, sleeping on your back is the best position if you have any form of back pain. 

Not only does this position maintain the natural curve of the spine, but it also allows better breathing and blood circulation at night. If you recall your human biology in school, good blood circulation is the source of proper healing and recovery in the body-- and sleeping on your back can promote just that.

When you sleep on your back, add a pillow underneath your knees for an even better blood flow. Sleeping using a slim or soft pillow under your head is also a great way to keep the neutral position of your spine and reduce pressure on your lower back. 


Natural Relief Methods for Sciatica

It’s worth noting that changing your sleeping position does not happen overnight. You’ll need perseverance and patience until your body gets accustomed to such a sleeping position. However, there are other things that you can do to prevent or reduce lower back pain.

Some of these natural methods are:

  1. Drinking enough water.
  2. Joining yoga classes or doing yoga at home.
  3. Eating foods rich in vitamin E and B.
  4. Massaging the sciatic nerve.
  5. Getting upper cervical chiropractic care.

If you want to get low back pain relief in Calgary, visit us here at Vibe Health & Spine. We’ll show you how upper cervical chiropractors' gentle and precise adjustments can yield positive results for patients. Give us a call at 587-803-3354 today for a consultation!


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