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Hello! It’s been some time since I last wrote directly to a clinic-based audience, and I’m happy to be doing so again.  

The past three years found me opening a new integrated wellness clinic, trudging through the pandemic, and overcoming a significant personal health issue (all’s well). I am grateful to be on the brighter side of these challenges now and can embrace the tempering and perspective they provided.  

That, of course, was only my experience. We all faced, and in many ways, continue to face the chaotic hurdles of a rapidly changing world; a world that presents both clear and subtle stressors to our physical and mental-emotional well-being. If this pattern continues, we must understand how to effectively walk forward with intentionality and surrender so that our centre is never lost and our health remains a solid foundational pillar.  

Through one meaningful lens, we can see that in all things, always, there is ongoing rise and fall, contraction and relaxation, inhalation and exhalation. This is the perpetual breath of life, which we can try to manipulate and fight against or we can acknowledge and flow with.

When we engage with this innate and universal principle, we intentionally create the context, purpose and actions of our lives. And we also let go and surrender to the innumerable variables, only some of which we control, that eventually dictate the results.  

Recognizing and flowing with this universal principle is an art and lifelong practice. Applying this lens to health and wellness for myself and others is a humbling role, one which I’m honoured to attempt to fulfill. Through it, I hope to empower more people to remember the agency and responsibility each of us has in nurturing our own wellness throughout life. And, I also hope to guide people to allow and embrace the counterbalancing challenges of life, including health challenges, so that contentment and evolution that might remain elusive otherwise are allowed to come forth with more ease and grace.  

Thank you kindly for reading these health philosophy reflections. I am always interested in hearing others’ thoughts on such topics. Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any feedback. Or, schedule an acupuncture appointment should you wish to receive direct care while exploring these ideas together in person.

Yours in health,  

Dr. Mitch Wegmann 

Doctor of Acupuncture

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