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Swimmers spend a lot of time in the water, sometimes daily, to improve their technique, skills, and sport overall. Whether you're training to be a professional or just an enthusiast with a newfound hobby, swimming is a fun sport that may come with risks. One of which is the so-called swimmer's ear.

Swimmers' ear, also referred to as otitis externa, is an infection caused by water that goes inside the ear and stays in the outer ear canal for a long time. The water brings excessive moisture into the external ear canal, which can lead to a bacterial infection. Moisture makes it conducive for bacteria to grow and thrive. 

Those who regularly spend time in the water are at risk of developing a swimmer's ear. However, putting fingers or using cotton swabs can also risk developing a swimmer's ear as they can damage the thin layer of skin lining your ear canal.

Vertigo episodes may also arise due to the swimmer's ear. Eventually, you will need to find vertigo relief in Calgary. Apart from vertigo, you will need to pay close attention when you get diagnosed with swimmer's ear as it can progress and lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, discharge, and fever. If not properly addressed, the infection may spread to involve the glands and bring irreversible and permanent destruction of soft tissue, cartilage, and bone of the ear canal and skull base. 

Severe swimmer's ear cases may require you to avoid water in your ears until the condition has resolved. Usually, eardrops and antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to resolve this condition. But what can you do if vertigo persists after overcoming the effects of a swimmer's ear? Is vertigo common in swimmers in general?


Vertigo and its Effects on Swimmers

Some patients who seek vertigo relief in Calgary revealed that sometimes their spinning sensations happen when they're in the water hoping to swim. Sometimes, aural vertigo occurs when a person goes in the cold water at a pool or beach, and that water enters the ears. Inflammation, infection, or pain in the ear may soon follow due to water trapped in the ear canal.

Vertigo and dizziness can also affect swimmers due to different swimming strokes or after being in the pool or beach. Usually, these episodes are mild and brief but do not take the symptoms for granted. Apart from the swimmer's ear, dizziness and vertigo episodes when swimming can result from different reasons, including:

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  1. Dehydration

Swimming is a workout and can cause you to lose fluids in the body. Swimming without drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, headaches, dizziness, and even vertigo episodes, especially during summertime.

  1. Allergies or Asthma

If you have allergies or asthma, chlorine and other pool chemicals can trigger these and potentially lead to dizziness after a swim. Inhaling pollen from the surroundings may also affect you.

  1. Low blood sugar

Swimming right after eating is not recommended. Therefore there's a high chance you have not eaten for hours when you get into the water. And if you have been swimming for hours, you may have used up your energy and may experience dizzy spells due to lower blood sugar levels. 

  1. Stress

Stress triggers different health conditions, and when you feel tense, anxious, or stressed before or during pool time, it can impact the blood flowing to your brain. Less blood flow to the brain can also result in dizziness.

  1. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

This is one of the usual causes of vertigo in patients seeking vertigo relief in Calgary. Sudden head movements while swimming can trigger vertigo in people with this condition. BPPV patients usually experience vertigo when their head tilts in a particular direction.

swimmer, vertigo relief in Calgary

3 Ways Swimmers Can Cope with Vertigo

Finding effective ways to cope with vertigo is a big help to swimmers who want to end their suffering caused by vertigo attacks. Here are three simple ways to help you cope with vertigo and relieve it naturally.

  1. Stay hydrated

Getting on the pool well hydrated is recommended to reduce your vertigo episodes. Before you get on with your training or swimming routine, hydrate yourself with enough fluids. 

  1. Relax your mind and body

If you've experienced vertigo during your swimming sessions, it's difficult not to think about it and why it might happen again. This can be a source of stress that can trigger a vertigo episode. Calming your thoughts and relaxing your body may help reduce your chances of experiencing a debilitating spinning sensation. 

In addition, it may help you to be more mindful of your surroundings and focus on one goal. Think happy thoughts, such as why you enjoy swimming to help remove anxiety and fear in your mind. You may also need to reduce unnecessary head movements when swimming and take controlled deep breaths before getting into the pool.

  1. Seek professional care

If your dizzy spells and discomfort persist, you may need to consult a professional to help with your condition. First, schedule a visit to your doctor to get yourself checked for any underlying condition that may be related to your vertigo. A visit to an upper cervical chiropractic doctor may also benefit you. 

Upper cervical chiropractic doctors have seen several patients who complain about vertigo suffer from misalignments of the spine bones. Your symptoms may significantly reduce by correcting the misalignments in the upper cervical spine, one of the vertigo's most common root causes. After a series of upper cervical adjustments, you are likely to return to your swimming routine free from dizzy spells.


Call Vibe Health & Spine for Effective Vertigo Relief in Calgary

Knowing what to do or where to turn for help can be challenging if you suffer from vertigo. If you want to try something that works for many vertigo patients, you can seek help from an upper cervical chiropractor. Upper cervical care restores your C1 and C2 bones' balance and alignment. This relieves the tension and stress in the surrounding areas, contributing to the onset of vertigo symptoms.

You might be one call away from eliminating vertigo's debilitating effects! Book your appointment today through this online contact form or call our office at 587-803-3354. Swimming is a fun and enjoyable sport, don't let vertigo stop you from doing what you love. Call us today!


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