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Frequent migraine attacks are emotionally and physically taxing. Can you even imagine navigating through a busy week while worrying about symptoms like throbbing headaches and visual problems? Thankfully, medical and scientific breakthroughs show promising options for migraine relief in Calgary. Have you been keeping abreast of these findings and other studies? 

Hopefully, in our discussion below, you will learn everything you need on the most established and scientifically proven remedies for migraine attacks.


Migraine Research Findings: Things You Must Know

Over the years, migraine research made several discoveries that helped change the lives of many patients. For example, A study from several years ago revealed that the brain has a migraine “generator”. Using brain scans, the researchers analyzed neural activities to determine the most active part of the brain during a migraine attack. 

As it turns out, the brainstem or the tissue connecting the spinal column to the brain is most likely the organ responsible for several excruciating migraine symptoms. This is why many patients turn to upper cervical chiropractic – one of the leading ways to eliminate brainstem oversensitivity. 

Besides this finding, researchers have also found other possible explanations behind persistent migraine attacks. Some examples of these include the following: 

  • The trigeminal nerve gets activated during a migraine episode. Unfortunately, it aggravates the symptoms because the over-active nerve endings release inflammatory substances.
  • A migraine episode also increases electrical activities in the brain, causing you to experience problems like extreme fatigue, dizziness, and concentration problems.
  • Blood flow fluctuations are also a common problem among migraineurs who drink excessive amounts of coffee or alcohol. Studies explain that these substances trigger vasodilation and constriction of cranial blood vessels.
  • Neurovascular compression, especially in the occipital region of the brain, can cause worse migraine attacks. This impedes blood circulation and overstimulates the nerves and the brain. 


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Scientifically Proven Solutions to Migraine

Thanks to the immense progress made by researchers and neurologists, patient care for migraineurs have significantly improved. People now have several science-backed options to eliminate their persistent headaches and other symptoms. These options include the following:

Neck massage

Migraine is an incredibly complex condition. So besides causing chronic headaches, a migraine attack can also manifest in other ways, such as persistent neck pain. Because of this, many patients find relief from neck massages. Gentle circular motions on the base of the neck release muscle tension, which can relieve the pressure on the trigeminocervical complex.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements like magnesium, Vitamin B-complex, and Co-enzyme Q10 prove helpful in reducing the impact of a migraine attack. Here’s a closer look at how each food supplement works for patients seeking migraine relief in Calgary:

  • Magnesium – Studies note that taking magnesium can help prevent cortical spreading depression (CSD), a condition closely associated with migraines with aura.  
  • Co-enzyme Q10 – Ubiquinone or co-enzyme Q10 appears helpful in curbing migraine symptoms. This naturally occurring substance boosts the body’s ability to repair damaged cells. 
  • Vitamin B Complex – Several case studies suggest using Vitamin B complex as a prophylactic drug for migraines. Researchers explain that it comes in handy in reducing the amount of homocysteine in the body. Homocysteine is a neurotoxin that triggers an inflammatory response.  

Migraine-friendly diet

Your diet can influence various aspects of your health. It can also improve or worsen pre-existing health issues like migraine attacks. That’s why you might find it helpful to switch to a migraine-friendly diet. We strongly suggest avoiding migraine food triggers like deli meats, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, and aged cheeses. You should also add brain-protecting food products like oily fish, leafy veggies, seafood, legumes, and seeds. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Migraine attacks can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if they happen several times a week. They can also trigger emotional and psychological problems. This is why it pays to consider cognitive behavioral therapy as your source of migraine relief in Calgary. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you to process your emotions and respond to pain stimuli. It also calms the mind and prevents additional problems like stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. 

Upper cervical care

Besides the remedies listed above, we also suggest exploring upper cervical care. This approach focuses on addressing the changes in the brainstem and brain. According to case studies, many migraineurs have postural imbalances that impair several central nervous system functions, such as:

  • Proper cerebrospinal fluid drainage
  • Pain and pressure perception
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Regulating sleeping patterns
  • Brain signal transmission to other parts of the body

Fortunately, most of these patients tap into upper cervical chiropractic. By receiving gentle chiropractic adjustments, they can restore their neck bone’s original curvature and ease the pressure on their central nervous system.


Experience Migraine Relief in Calgary

Life can be overwhelmingly challenging when you frequently experience headaches, aura, vertigo, and other migraine symptoms. But, thanks to the latest medical and scientific breakthrough in migraine care, you have a better shot at eliminating migraine from your life. 

Hopefully, you will consider the remedies we shared when seeking migraine relief in Calgary. You can start by exploring upper cervical care. After all, it’s a proven remedy that has worked wonders for thousands of migraine-suffering individuals. 

Visit Vibe Health and Spine so one of our upper cervical chiropractors can examine your C1 and C2 bones. This will help us assess your condition and provide the best chiropractic care. 

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